• The energy and dedication Angelique brings to a project is unmatched. At LaunchNET we had multiple initiatives at a time, ranging from event planning to social media management to marketing workshops. Not only did Angelique have a unique perspective and clever ideas to add to our plans, but she put 100% of her efforts into each project to ensure a valuable experience for our clients and team.

    Alizeh | Marketing Manager Launchnet Kent State University

  • It's small business feel! Angelique's knowledge of e-commerce was the perfect fit for our small business as we wanted to improve our social media presence, but needed a lot of hands on guidance for structure and strategy online. We also appreciate the extra time and guidance put into the planning and organizing of our brand as well. The strategies put in place have made a huge difference in how the company is presented and have allowed us to improve our following ultimately improve sales.

    Addie | Founder of Diamond Melts Luxury Candles